11 Ways Purina Pushed Pet Care Forward in 2014

At Purina, we work hard year after year to push pet care forward. We see that as our obligation as a leader in this industry and we have a lot of fun doing it. Here are our favorite highlights from 2014.

1. We Make Personalized Dog Food a Reality with Just Right® by Purina®

1 Justright

This year, we released a personalized dog food unlike anything we’ve offered before: Just Right® by Purina®. For the first time in Purina history, you can go online to provide information about your dog and ultimately receive a personalized blend that addresses his specific nutritional requirements. Your dog’s blend, which you get to name, is delivered right to your door with his picture on the packaging. Learn more about it here.  

2. Our Innovative Better with Pets Summit Examined the Future of People and Pets

2 Betterwithpetssummit

Purina brought some of the brightest minds in the pet industry together in New York City for our annual summit to discuss innovation and new ways of thinking that are making our future with pets better and brighter. The enlightening event included everything from a 14-year-old inventor to an aerospace engineer who makes prosthetics for a little dog named TurboRoo. Even if you missed the Summit, you can still watch all the talks for free right here.

3. We Helped A Summit Speaker Build a Dog Park for Domestic Abuse Survivors Who Flee with Their Pets

3 Dogpark

Rita Garza, Senior Vice President of URI, was one of our most inspiring speakers at this year’s Better with Pets Summit. After realizing that 48 percent of women stay in abusive situations out of concern for their pet’s safety, URI created an innovative, first-of-its-kind pet friendly shelter where domestic abuse survivors and their pets can live and heal together. Read more about it here. Purina helped the cause by donating our products and even helped create the Purina Play Haven and Dog Park, a special place for pets living in the shelter.

4. Purina® Pro Plan® Pushes the Game Forward for Active Dogs

4 Proplan

At Purina, we love canine athletes and know that to help them perform their best, they need specialized nutritional options. This year, our Pro Plan team launched two breakthrough products to help active dogs go strong: SPORT® PRiME™ and ReFUEL™ Nutritional Supplement Bars.

5. Our Beyond® Simply 9 Dog Food Showed a Pet Food Can Be Made with Only 9 Simple Ingredients

5 Beyondsimply9

We were proud to release Beyond® Simply 9, a line of dog food products that only uses nine natural, well-known and recognizable ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals. It makes for a simple ingredient list, but the recipe behind it is not. We thoughtfully select ingredients that work together to provide the nourishment your dog needs and nothing he doesn’t. Learn more about it here.

6. Purina® Pro Plan®-Fed Dogs Fueled the Best in Show Champions at Both Westminster and The National Dog Show

6 Proplannds

We were proud to see dogs that are fed Purina® Pro Plan® win both major dog shows this year, although we can’t say we were too surprised. There’s a bit of a tradition of Pro Plan dogs winning.

7. Our Beggin’® Party Poppers™ Give Owners a New Way to Treat Their Dogs

7 Begginpartypoppers

We think treats are more fun for dogs if they get to play with their owners before delighting in a yummy snack. That’s why we designed our Beggin’® Party Poppers™ to be a fun experience for both dogs and people. See it in action! 

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8. Purina ONE®’s Cat Café Showed America that Cats Can Be a Great Part of Public Life

8 Purinaonecatcafe

People usually think of cats as part of people’s homes, not as adorable creatures they might encounter while out and about. But why? Socializing with a cat for even just a few minutes can really perk up people’s days, and change the way they think about cats. That’s why Purina ONE® opened up the first cat café on the continent back in April 2014. We were thrilled that there was a line out the door every single day, and that it got such great press.

9. Purina® Pro Plan® Proved Dogs Can Be Foodies Too

9 Proplansavor

Pro Plan’s new line of SAVOR® additions™ cater to dogs’ complex palates in a brand new way, by adding delicious flavors like beef & carrot puree and berry blend puree to their dog food. Discover the options here.

10. Purina ONE® Created a Formula Aimed at Dogs' Instincts

10 Trueinstinct

Our expert nutritionists have always been inspired by a dog’s natural instinct to choose nutrient-dense foods in nature. That’s why Purina ONE® created Purina ONE® SMARTBLEND® True Instinct, formulated with real turkey as the number one ingredient, along with real venison and other high-quality ingredients.  

11. Friskies®’ “Dear Kitten” Video Gave Us a Peek Into How Cats Think About Our Homes

11 Dearkitten

This year, Friskies teamed up with Buzzfeed to create a hilarious series that reveals how perplexing our lives just might be to our cats. Try not to think about it next time you engage with the monster that is “vacuum.” 

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It’s been a great year. Make sure you stay tuned next year. We have a lot of exciting things coming up. 

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