31 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Month
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Another reason to love May — it’s National Pet Month! We know, every day is pet day when you love your dog or cat, but this month you can celebrate them even more. Here are 31 fun things to do together. Happy Pet Month to you and yours, from the pet lovers at Purina.

Happy Birthday to You … Tube

1. Kick it off with a video! Our friends at YouTube are celebrating 10 years of providing entertaining and informative videos throughout May, showing highlights each day ranging from A-Z. Purina jump-started the party on May 1 by showcasing some of the best “A”nimal videos the world has seen on YouTube during the past decade, including snippets of the Friskies “Dear Kitten” vignette series that’s been viewed by more than 45 million pet lovers around the world. In honor of our animal friends who have created and starred in these video hits, Purina is donating $25,000 to the Petfinder Foundation to help shelter pets find their forever homes.

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Say Cheese!

2. Do a photo shoot with your pet! Use the handy tips provided by pro photographer Stasha Becker (aka @northwestmommy) to get started.

Sit, Stay … Dive!

3. Amp up your dog training with expert tutorials using our Purina® Pro Plan® P5 activity tracking and training app. It’s free for iOS and Android devices.

Nationalpetmonth 3 Saycheese

Workin’ 9-5

4. Want to bring your pet to work? Look into creating a Pets at Work program at your workplace. We’ve got a wealth of resources for both employees and employers who want to experience the benefits of a pet-friendly workplace.

Let Your Pet Be Your Muse

5. Draw up a comic about your pet’s cutest or silliest behavior. Watch cartoonist Simon Tofield draw his cats for inspiration.  

Nationalpetmonth 5 Workin9to5

Vibe Out Together

6. Try using experts Joshua Leeds and Lisa Spector's sound therapy techniques to delight your pet and possibly even reduce his anxiety. You might just love the music too!

Get Poppin’

7. Give your dog a special spin on his daily treats by delivering them via our Beggin’® Party Poppers™! Share your dog’s excitement with the hashtag #whenpigsfly for a chance to be featured!

Cat Camping

8. Make your cat her very own Tipi with our simple Friskies® tutorial.

Hit the Road!

9. Plan a road trip with your pet! Here are some tips for safe travel with your pet by your side.

Save Your Couch

10. Turn a tree log into a DIY cat scratcher. Your couch will thank you.

Sniff Out a Friend for Your Pet

11. Looking for a buddy for your cat or dog? Try our cat breed selector or dog breed selector to find the perfect fit. Then head to Petfinder to find pets of that breed looking for homes in your neighborhood.

Nationalpetmonth 11 Breedselector

Get Bragging Rights

12. Discover your dog’s unique breed of genius! Is he an ace, a charmer — a stargazer? Learn about Dognition’s canine intelligence assessment and then take the test for your dog. Let us know what type of genius he is!

Help a Senior Pet

13. Head to their website for the shelter closest to you or else head to Petfinder to search for senior pets looking for homes. To help them out, all you need to do is share their profile on your social media accounts. If you want to go deeper, try one of these 10 ways to help a shelter in your area.  

From Couch Surfer to Superstar

14. Get tips from Purina Farms superstar trainer Tracy Custer on training your pet like an athlete while strengthening the bond you share. 

Nationalpetmonth 14 Fromtoiletwaterdrinkertosuperstar

Redesign the Nap

15. Is your cat a hipster cat? Better make her a suitcase bed! We’ve got a tutorial here.

See the Sign

16. Take training your dog to the next level by incorporating hand signals. It’s easy! Learn how here.

Hit the Trails

17. Have you considered trying Adventure Therapy with your pet? Army veteran Stephen Simmons practiced this type of therapy with Outward Bound and then developed his own unique, pet-friendly spin. Get his guidelines for getting started here.

Nationalpetmonth 17 Hitthetrails

Super Cat 

18. Watch kitty run! Make your own agility course for your cat.

Cat About Town

19. Teach your cat to walk on a leash. It’s not that hard — we promise!

Pampered Pooch

20. It’s your dog’s lucky day! Try these 10 ways to spoil him.

Get Artsy

21. Deck out your pet’s food container with this handy-dandy feeding schedule. It’ll make sure you and your housemates don’t overfeed your cat — plus it’s cute! Just make sure your pet doesn’t steal your paintbrush. 

Jump for Joy

22. Teach your dog to jump through a hula hoop. Prepare to impress! 

Dinner is Served

23. Help your cat dine in style with this DIY cat feeding tray.

Pup’s on First

24. Take your dog to the ballpark with you. Get tips on making it happen here.

Bon Appetit

25. Does your pet love their food — or could mealtime be even better? Try our product selector tool for dog food or cat food to see if your pet is missing out on a food that might be perfect for them.

Nationalpetmonth 25 Productselector

Get Your Nature On

26. Hit your favorite park with your dog. As you both stop to enjoy a treat or a cool drink, try this carabiner leash trick to keep your dog from wandering.

Read Between the Paws

27. Learn to decode your dog or cat’s body language. You pet whisperer you!

Make a Doggie Waterpark

28. Getting hot out? Let your dog run through the sprinkler! Here’s a hack for making a sprinkler out of an average garden hose. Prepare to get splashy!

Spoiled Much?

29. Let’s face it. Sometimes your cat wants to be petted more often than you can pet her. Today, make her dreams come true by building her a self petting station. It’s easy!

Can You Dig It?

30. Incorporate your cat or dog into your gardening ritual. Learn how to choose the right plants and keep your pet safe in your yard. You can even grow catnip!

Say “Aw!"

31. Go ahead, give in to your urge to baby talk your pet. Did you know 91% of pet owners indulge in baby talk? You’re not alone. Then learn about why we talk baby talk to our furry best friends.

We hope these tips help you get even closer to your best friend. Happy May!

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