Purina and the Michigan Humane Society

In the cold winters up north, many dogs may not be getting the care they need, and may end up fending for themselves without adequate shelter and supplies. That’s why this December, we teamed up with the Michigan Humane Society to help protect pets throughout Michigan’s cold winter months.

The MHS and Purina strongly believe that all pets should be brought inside to live with their families. However, under Michigan law, a dog can technically be kept outdoors as long as they are provided with adequate shelter, food and water they need to withstand winter weather. For dogs that are kept outside, these supplies could be the difference between grave problems and a healthy, happy life. That’s why MHS provides the necessary supplies to dogs who are kept outdoors through the Winter Rescue and Straw Drop Program.

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To support their efforts, Purina donated $50,000 of much-needed dog houses and straw for families to help keep their pets safe and warm outside. By working together, MHS and Purina hope to raise awareness about the importance of caring for dogs during cold weather.

“Purina’s donation is a huge help for us this year,” explained CJ Bentley, Director of Operations for MHS. “I don’t think we’ve had a year that we’ve been able to give out this many dog houses and this much straw. It’s just incredible for us and we’re so thankful for the good that this is going to do.”

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“A lot of neglect is just a lack of education,” said Debby MacDonald, MHS Chief Cruelty Investigator. Once pet owners are educated, “They are amazed at the change in their dog and how good their pet looks. … That makes one less animal that’s going to go into an animal shelter somewhere.” 

By providing this donation, Purina and the Michigan Humane Society are empowering pet owners to provide the best care possible for their pets in the winter.

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