Evan and His Dog Arthur at Work

When Evan moved from Chicago to Vermont, life changed—suddenly the 29-year-old video marketer had open landscapes, trails, and access to mountain biking and climbing right outside his back door. What’s more, life for Evan’s 9-year-old Boxer, Arthur, got exponentially better. When he joined Evan, he got to enjoy the kind of idyllic outdoor life most dogs can only dream of.

It was Evan’s father who had originally suggested a boxer—an energetic dog that could keep up with Evan’s lifestyle. The name Arthur comes from Evan’s grandfather—“a prizefighter back in the day.” It seemed fitting to name a Boxer after a boxer.


The runt of the litter, Arthur has defied expectations and grown into a robust and adventuresome companion. Typically, Boxers don’t swim, but since moving to Vermont, Arthur has become an expert swimmer, doing laps in the pond behind Evan’s house, fetching sticks, and chasing after tadpoles. The two mountain bike together (Arthur running alongside Evan), and even go climbing together—Arthur sits at the base of the climb and waits patiently for Evan to come back.

Arthur accompanies Evan to work at Ibex almost every day. “Once I’m getting ready to go out the door, he perks up.”


That’s because just as Evan looks forward to seeing his coworkers every day, Arthur gets to see his workplace friends, too. The dogs are, after all, Arthur’s coworkers. Arthur’s current workplace bestie is a Golden Retriever puppy named Bower. “[Bower] loves to greet him when he comes in and drink out of his water dish and lie in the same bed as Arthur.”

Throughout the workday, when Evan needs a break, the two of them race around the building, with Arthur pulling Evan on a skateboard. “It gives Arthur the ability to get a lot of exercise in a short amount of time,” says Evan. “When he comes back, he’s all tuckered out.”

Being able to bring Arthur to work with him makes all the difference to Evan. “”Being able to spend as much time with him as possible is really valuable to me, and something that I hold dearly,” he says.

“I'm grateful that IBEX gets that. He's not going to live forever, but the more time I can spend with him, the better. I think he feels the same way.”