Pets at Work - Terry and Her Dog Crumpet

It wasn’t easy bringing Crumpet into Terry’s life—Crumpet was a black Pomeranian living with her owner in California, and Terry was an Ibex Customer Service Manager living in Vermont. Not only that, Terry lived with a husband who was reluctant to bring a new dog into their lives. Crumpet’s owner (an Ibex coworker’s sister) couldn’t keep the dog, but Terry’s husband said he’d only take Crumpet in if Terry could transport her from California to Vermont for free. Impossible, right?

Miraculously, a fellow Ibex worker was en route to California—and offered to retrieve the dog and fly home with her. One airborne Pomeranian later, Terry and Crumpet were united at last.

Crumpet soon became Terry's closest companion. "She spends 22 hours a day with me," Terry says. Crumpet rises at 6:30 a.m., commutes with Terry to work, and greets Terry’s coworkers throughout the day while perched sentinel atop Terry’s desk. On weekends, Terry brings Crumpet everywhere, carrying the dog in a pack while she snowshoes and along for the ride while kayaking. At night, Crumpet crawls under Terry’s bed to sleep.

Terry believes Crumpet has been crucial in helping her deal with hard times, in life and at work. After Terry lost her brother in a tragic accident, Crumpet helped her return to her job. "Having Crumpet near me, knowing what I was going through, was a tremendous help," she says. "She sat closer, snuggled more than usual and supported me with her presence."

Crumpet makes workaday life better as well. “Having Crumpet with me at work has made me happier and more relaxed, which helps me do a better job,” Terry says. Most importantly, Crumpet seems to intuitively know what Terry is experiencing at any given time, and provides just the right support. “You're gonna have good days, and you're gonna have bad days,” says Terry. “To have the added benefit of having a friend with you that can give you encouragement on those days that are tough is … invaluable.”

The smallest dog at Ibex in stature, Crumpet is a huge presence in character.