Take Inspiring Photos of Your Pet Tips from Stasha

Learn To Take Photos That Capture The Connection You Share With Your Pet

Even if you’re not a professional photographer, there are many reasons why you’re ahead of the game when it comes to taking pictures of your pets. That is not to say you will always come up with amazing photos of your pet, but the more photos you snap, the more likely it is that you’ll get that one special shot.

So grab that phone or dust off your camera and start clicking. After all, our pets are part of the family, and they deserve to have their lives documented too!

How to Get Started

Think About the Background

Make sure your background always helps show off your pet. If your pet is dark, try to find a light-colored background setting so he’ll pop out more.

Want to capture your favorite fort on the beach but your subjects are too dark once you place them in? Flip it around! Tuck yourself in the fort instead and take a photo of your loved ones standing outside.

Get the Light Right

Finding the perfect level of exposure is important because pets’ eyes quickly look dull if the light is not right. Also make sure to avoid direct flash. It usually gives a pet the look of deer in the headlights.

Get Down to Their Level

Don't be afraid to zoom in and get close to your pet, even little details like their snout make for a great photo.

Even world famous landscapes benefit from adding loved ones to the frame. It makes the moment personal and changes it from postcard perfect to everlasting memory. Don't be afraid to focus on the loved ones like I did here.

Catch Them Doing What They Love Best

Snap photos of them sleeping, eating, and playing - because that is what they’re great at. Rarely do you see your pet sitting prim and proper posing, right?

Get Others Involved

Your pet has relationships much like we do, so get your kids, neighbors – even the postman to appear in the photos. After all, memories are made of moments and the interactions that created them.

Remember – It’s OK to Give Up

Sometimes, when your dog is too busy chasing birds to sit for a photo you have in mind, put the camera down and chase birds with him instead. Maybe someone can take a photo of you two playing together instead.

Most Importantly - Make it Fun!

Always remember to praise your pet for being a great sport. The life of a model is not easy you know.

5 Reasons Why You’re The Perfect Person To Photograph Your Pet

1. You Know Your Pet Best

The one thing that will bring great results is truly knowing your subject. Nobody knows as well as you what makes your dog happy or gets his attention. You also know their routine - what time of the day they sleep, when they are most active and when they will cooperate best. Beyond that, you know their limitations. There is no point in me asking my huge Newfoundland to stand on his hind legs for a photo or balance on a hydrant no matter how awesome it might turn out.

Plus, since you’re with your dog for most of his days, there will be plenty of opportunities to catch great moments.

2. You Know the Best Settings

You walk your dog and know where he can be off the leash, where he likes to swim and what backdrops make him look best. You also know which part of the house he is coziest in. Take advantage of it!

3. They Listen to You and Want to Please You

Dogs are people pleasers, so they will do what you ask for a simple reward, whether it’s a treat or just a little affection from you. That means you are the person most likely to get them posed just right for the shot – it’s your belly rubs they want more than anyone else’s. You ask them to sit, stay, roll over- they will! They trust you because you have proven many times over that you will never harm them.

4. You Know What it Is About Them You Want to Remember

A professional might shy away from taking a photo of your dog's overbite because it doesn't look nice, but you think it's the cutest thing ever and want to have it on your wall!

5. You Love Them

Ultimately, a photograph is a conversation between the subject and the photographer. And when there is love between them it adds magic to the end result. Trust me.

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