Meet Jewel: Best In Show Winner

Congratulations to this year’s National Dog Show Best In Show Winner, Jewel the American Foxhound and her handler Lisa Miller.

Jewel came into this year’s dog show ranked as the #1 Hound in the country and the #5 all-breed dog. She now has 67 all-breed Bests In Show to go along with 100 Hound Group wins for her career.

Lisa Miller began her professional career at the ripe old age of 7 when she showed her first dog, a Great Dane. “Basically I was born into it. I showed in Junior Showmanship when I was 7 with a Great Dane. I've always had dogs and always done it.”


She’s come a long way since then. Today’s crowning achievement caps an incredible run in an incredible year for the nation’s top Hound. 

Before today’s event began, Lisa tried to express what might be going through Jewel’s mind as she shows. “She actually thinks this dog show was put on for her; she believes that. You can just watch the way she shows and the way she interacts with everybody. She has a sixth sense. She knows what she is here to do and is ready to do it.”

The American Foxhound has been good to Lisa — to say the least — and she is quick to extol the breed’s virtues: “They’re fun. They're very comical. They’re clean and healthy. And genetically, they are amazing. They are very happy. You’d never know I had eight living with me until you came to visit, and then they climbed into your lap.”

When it comes to what it takes to set up camp in the winner’s circle, Lisa says, “There is such a bond there it’s unbelievable. She knows what to expect from me, and I know what to expect from her. When we first started out, we had a tight lead, but now we go with a completely loose lead. At this point I think she could do it on her own.” 

What’s Lisa’s go-to food for her champion dog? Purina® Pro Plan® Performance 30/20 formula. Why? “Because it helps you see her vibrant color, good muscle tone, and she's very happy with it,” she says. 

Clearly Lisa has a passion for her dogs and a drive to do what it takes to make them successful. But there’s more to it than that. She understands she’s not alone in her devotion to her animals and giving them the life possible: “These dogs are taken care of so well, and everyone's heart and soul is in this, and they put 24/7 into them, and it shows. We are all so very proud of the love and care that goes into these dogs. There is a lot of camaraderie, and it's an awesome sport to be in.” 

As for the future, Jewel will have plenty of time to bask in all her well-deserved glory. According to Lisa, “She will retire at the end of the year and become a mother.”

We wish Jewel and Lisa luck in this new stage for this special dog.

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