Meet the Frontrunners: Peter + Sabrina

For Peter Kubacz, like many of the handlers at the National Dog Show, chemistry is everything.

Reading his Irish Setter Sabrina’s cues helped Peter see that his dog loves to show. He says she even seems to know when it’s show time. 

Like many of the dogs here at the National Dog Show, Sabrina is not only comfortable with being on the receiving end of a lot of attention and adulation, she also relishes it. 

In and out of the ring, Sabrina enjoys being part of Peter’s tight-knit family.

“It’s important to understand that Irish Setters are family dogs,” Peter says. “They just want to be with you. We’re very in tune.” 

You might expect a show dog’s life to be one of round-the-clock training, but Sabrina leads a very idyllic life in loving surroundings where there’s far more playtime than showtime.

According to Peter, “Sabrina is my pet. She watches TV on the couch with me. She does everything that I do. At home, she rules the roost.” 

When it comes to his dog’s diet, Peter is succinct.  “She eats Pro Plan.” 

He points to her coat and her exceptional condition as he goes into more detail. “We switched our dogs over a few years ago, and we haven't switched back. They all do great on it. They all have great hair, very shiny coats.

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