2014 Westminster Best in Show Champion
Wire Fox Terrier

What’s the food of choice for 8 of the last 8 Westminster
Best in Show Champions, and 6 of the 7 2014 group winners?
Purina® Pro Plan®

Why do so many show dog owners and handlers choose to feed Purina Pro Plan? We think it’s because of our commitment to delivering nutrition that performs. Each of our Purina Pro Plan formulas is very bioavailable – allowing for optimal nutrient absorption, resulting in benefits like sustained energy, resilience, a healthy coat and lean muscle mass.

The nutritious blend in Purina Pro Plan is the food of choice for the 2014 Westminster Dog Show champion, a Wire Fox Terrier named Sky. Actually, her full name is “Afterall Painting the Sky,” but “Sky” works just fine for referencing this well-fed dog that earned one of this year’s greatest honors.

Sky is handled by VIP Gabriel Rangel, who has lead many Terriers to become champions. In fact, three that he handles – including Sky herself – have won the National Dog Show. We respect his talent for bringing out the best in dogs!

Sky’s part of a growing tradition – eight of the last eight Westminster Best in Show champions are fueled by Purina Pro Plan. Why so many? Well, it comes down to statistics. 94 of the top 100 all-breed show dogs in the country are fed Purina Pro Plan, so it’s simply more likely that a Pro Plan-fed dog will take home the prize. This year, 6 of the 7 group winners were dogs who eat Purina Pro Plan.

We love seeing dogs that rely on our formulas achieve so much. It’s just one more reason why we at Purina love shows like the Westminster Dog Show. But mostly, we love seeing all these champion dogs show off the true potential inherent in all dogs!



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