Our Giving Programs

Product Donations

Purina is committed to making complete, balanced and high quality pet care products.  We are proud to donate our pet food, treats and litter to more than 900 pet welfare organizations across the country.

Disaster Relief

We respond to many natural disasters in the U.S. by providing donations of product to pets in distress.


Purina provides monetary donations to select pet welfare organizations* that promote pet welfare to support growth in the areas of capacity building, capital improvements and program and spay/neuter funding outside of an event.

*Note:  We will consider requests from pet welfare organizations located within 50 miles of our St. Louis headquarters or one of our manufacturing locations.

Event Sponsorship

Purina will consider sponsorship of pet or pet-related events.*  Organizations can request monetary support, product samples or give away items for events.

*Note:  We consider supporting events that serve pets in the communities located within 50 miles of our St. Louis headquarters or one of our manufacturing locations. We may occasionally sponsor a large pet-related event located outside these locations if the resources are available.

Purina Farms Pets in the Community

The Purina Farms Pets in The Community Program exists to bring people and pets closer together in life-enriching ways.  Purina Farms trainers and their rescued pets visit schools, hospitals and other community places and events to entertain and advocate for responsible pet ownership.  Please find more details about the program here.

Application Process

In order to keep the process as efficient as possible, we no longer accept requests through email, fax, mail or phone.

All requests must follow the steps below and go through our online system to be eligible for our giving programs.

1.  Review Our Eligibility Guidelines

As you may imagine, we receive numerous requests for sponsorships and charitable donations--more than we are currently able to support.  To ensure your application receives the attention it deserves, please read our guidelines below to make sure your organization is eligible and fits within our giving priorities before applying. For additional disaster support resources, visit the Petfinder Pro Disaster Support page.

2.  Take Our Eligibility Quiz

After you complete our Eligibility Quiz (see quiz links below), you'll be invited to create a login for our online system.

If your request fits within our eligibility guidelines, please choose the appropriate link below to take our eligibility quiz.

3.  Submit Your Application

If you are eligible to apply after taking our quiz and your organization's tax status is verified, we will invite you to submit your application through our online system.  We'll get back to you within 10 business days with our decision regarding your application.

If you are selected to receive support from Purina, you will receive a brief impact/follow-up report via email.  We ask that your organization submit this assessment on how the funds were used.  This is an important step in building relationships with organizations.  If we don't receive a report it may affect an organization's ability to receive funding in the future.

Eligibility Guidelines

We strive to fund as many requests as we can, but there are some practical limitations and we do not have the resources to approve every request we receive.  Please verify that your request aligns with our eligibility requirements before proceeding with the application process:

  • Purina considers product donation and grant requests from 501(c)(3) tax exempt pet welfare organizations located within the United States, especially those in proximity to our company locations.
  • Purina also considers sponsorship requests for pet-related events taking place in the general proximity to our company locations.  We may also occasionally sponsor a large pet-related event if resources are available.  We require a minimum six month lead time on any event support.
  • Our giving program does not provide coupons for any Purina products.  Please visit our coupons page to learn more about Purina coupons.


Purina is unable to consider requests for the following:

  • Individuals or organizations without a valid tax identification number
  • Organizations operating outside the United States
  • Organizations that apply more than once per calendar year