October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Nearly half of all domestic abuse victims delay leaving because they don’t want
to leave their pet behind, yet as few as 10% of domestic violence shelters accept pets.
The Purple Leash Project is working to change that.

Covid-19 & Pets FAQs


Is Purina able to produce pet food, litter and treats during the crisis?

Purina’s products (pet food, pet snacks and litter) are included in the list of industries considered as “essential critical infrastructure” by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/CISA. As a result, Purina is exempt from closures or stay-at-home orders. Purina is taking significant steps to ensure that we can service our consumers at the highest levels possible. 

I’m having trouble finding my pet’s favorite Purina food in stores or online right now, can you help? Can you ship directly to me?

As you can tell, we’re experiencing a high demand for our products, and our team is working hard to keep shelves (and online carts) stocked with our food, treats and litter. To help you find stores that may have our product available, we’d encourage you to find your favorite product on our website and then click on the Buy Now link, which is found within each product section. Because we’re all in this together, we encourage consumers to only purchase the amount you would regularly order, so that everyone can keep their pets happy and healthy. Also, please call the store first to be sure your product is available. Should you have additional concerns, please visit us here https://www.purina.com/how-can-we-help for assistance.  

How much pet food should I have on hand?

Pet lovers should ensure they have two weeks’ worth of food on hand while only purchasing the amount of food they regularly would, check with their veterinarian about ordering any prescriptions ahead of time, and make sure they have sufficient essential pet products such as cat litter.  When bringing food home, it is important to still follow recommended storage tips and guidelines to keep food safe.

Is it safe to take my pet to the vet right now?

If your pet needs medical attention, call your veterinarian. Veterinarians are considered essential businesses, but may have reduced hours or updated protocol for seeing pet patients due to the current situation. 

I’m having trouble finding my pet’s favorite food, should I switch?

Our team is working hard to make sure your pet’s favorite food is available. If you are running low and unable to find more, you may need to substitute another recipe in the short term.  If this is the case, you should try to introduce the new food gradually. Mix the new with old, increasing the new and decreasing the old for over a period of 7-10 days. Please use the same procedure when you eventually switch back to your pet’s favorite food.  If your pet’s diet is a therapeutic diet for a specific health concern, please talk with your Veterinarian before making any changes.

What is Purina doing to help pets during this crisis?

Purina is supporting pet shelters and rescues across the country by sending pet food, litter and providing financial resources to help them in this uncertain time. You can help too by fostering or adopting a pet or making a donation. Connect with a local shelter to learn more.

How can I help pets in need?

There are a number of things you can do to help pets in need. Our friends at the Petfinder Foundation have a great list here: https://bit.ly/2UCVBWj

Where can pet owners go if they need help caring for their pets due to financial hardship?

We understand this is an uncertain time, and we would encourage pet owners who may be struggling to make ends meet to check with their local pet shelter or humane society for possible assistance resources.  Purina is also working with partners like RedRover and GreaterGood.org who may have programs that can help. Visit their websites to find out what programs are currently available.

What resources are available to pet shelters that are in need of financial or in-kind support?

For shelters or rescues in need of pet food or other pet care supplies, we’ve partnered with GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank team that deploys support to shelter in need. Learn more at www.RescueBank.org

Should I be concerned about the safety of pet food packaging?

If you are concerned about the transmission of coronavirus via handling any package, the CDC recommends cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces using detergent or soap and water.

Can I still take my dogs on walks?

Yes! Walks are fine, as long as social distancing,  for both people and pets, can be practiced, as the CDC recommends that we should all be doing anyway. This means being sure to not congregate with neighbors and maintaining at least 6 feet distance from other people.  In a busy city, you may have to get creative like walking very early in the morning or later at night to avoid larger groups of people. Be sure to use your best judgement with this in regards to safety measures.

My pet is a mess!  Any tips on grooming?

While we know the grown-out look may not be the prettiest, keep in mind that dogs don’t care how they look! Daily brushing will help decrease shedding and prevent matting, and regular bathing will help dogs stay clean and fresh smelling. Don’t forget about dental health too! Now is a great time to get in the habit of brushing your dog’s teeth every day or two, and daily dental treats can also be helpful. If you have specific concerns about grooming, your veterinarian may have some other suggestions for your pet. 

Do I need to bathe my pets more during pandemic?

While there’s no reason to believe that pets in the US might be a source or can transmit Covid19, we recommend regular bathing as needed. Your veterinarian may be able to  guide you a bit more on the recommended frequency for your dog. To help keep your dog clean in between baths, wiping his muzzle, feet, and belly with a soft damp cloth is a great way to tidy up after outdoor play.