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Fruits to Share. Fruits to Avoid.

You try to include your dog in everything–car rides,
exercise, naps–but sharing food with your dog isn’t
always best. Which fruits can he enjoy with you and
which should you keep out of reach?

Pub Hub Lemons
The high levels of citric acid in lemons can cause digestive upset in dogs.
Pub Hub Tangerines
Because tangerines are seedless and sweet they make easy-to-serve treats for your dog.
Pub Hub Strawberries
Strawberries’ low-calorie count is just one thing that makes them a good treat for your dog.
Pub Hub Oranges
The Vitamin C in oranges does not boost your dog’s health.
Pub Hub Grapefruit
Parts of a grapefruit—like the rind and plant are not safe for dogs.
A Purpose for Every Ingredient in Every Meal
A Purpose for Every Ingredient in Every Meal.

We’re proud to share exactly what ingredients are
in our foods and exactly how they benefit your pet.

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