Behind the Breed: Vizsla


Known for their golden color and whip-smart nature, Vizslas are increasingly popular family dogs. Eager to learn more about this Hungarian breed? We got the inside scoop at the 2014 National Dog Show Presented by Purina.

  1. Vizslas are great for anyone who wants a true best friend. “They’re known as ‘Velcro dogs,’” said Doug Wolgang, owner of competing Vizsla “Cortland.” “They tend to be with you at all times. They’re very loyal.”
  2. Be prepared for a workout companion with this athletic breed. “If you give them their outlet through routine exercise, they’re very good dogs,” said Wolgang.
  3. Their short coat is low-maintenance and their stature is medium. Males may weigh up to 64 pounds, and females up to 55 pounds.
  4. Vizslas are popular now, but they were once in danger of dying out. The Vizsla was all but extinct by the end of World War I. We’re glad they’re thriving today!
  5. This clever breed is known for its intelligence and ability to take to training quickly. With the right training and exercise, the Vizsla is sure to be a great dog for any active family.

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