What Do Cats Need to Thrive?

Help Cats Thrive

Help Your Cat Thrive

Do you want a cat food that helps your cat thrive? Cats, just like humans, have complex nutritional needs. It can be hard for owners to understand every facet of what their cat needs, but they needn’t look beyond their cat food.

Providing a Balanced Diet

That's because cat foods provide a complete and balanced diet for cats. At Purina, we study closely what cats eat in the wild, and reflect their natural needs using our quality ingredients.

Your Cat’s Physiology

To understand your cat's needs, let's look at her physiology:

Immune System

Protein and antioxidants found in Omega-6 fatty acids help support your cat's immune system.

Skin and Coat

Specific amino acids (the building blocks of protein), Omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamin E help maintain your cat's shiny coat.


Wholesome grains and high-quality protein sources make it easy for your cat to digest the nutrients in her food.

Bones and Teeth

To help support strong bones, cats need calcium and phosphorus. 


Vitamin A and taurine help keep cats' vision sharp.

Your cat’s health starts with a nutritious, well-balanced food. We hope this guide gives you the information you need to choose the right food for your cat.

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