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All Stars: We Celebrate the People Who Review Our Food


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Small dogs doing a happy dance? An excited Chihuahua with an underbite?? We love reading the anecdotes shared in reviews of Bella foods so much, on a scale of one to five stars, our joy can’t be contained. Check out a few of our favorites and see how many stars we give!

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“My Baby and Her Bella”

“My baby loves her Bella. I mix wet with dry and she eats every bite.”
~ Sister B from TN

mixing wet food with dry kibble? Sister B's baby is living the life! We're definitely fans of the mealtime mix, the personalized pamper, the Bella blend. 5 out of 5 stars.
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image of 5 stars for bella dog food

“Dancing Dogs”

“Just like us, our dogs like to try new food. Once they tried Bella, they now run to their bowls at dinner time. We also tried the wet Bella. When they see me taking off the lid they both start dancing around. Love seeing my furbabies enjoy their food.”

~ Clydesmom from SC

More lucky little pooches getting both wet and dry! And picturing them doing a happy dance? 6 our of 5 stars.
image of bella grain free chicken pate dog food
image of 5 stars for bella dog food

“Fantastic Product Selections”

“This was another definite win with my dog. She liked it a lot. Again, she came a'running into the kitchen for her dinner all excited and that makes me very pleased. So thank you and keep up with these great food selections.”

~ Musha from MA

Right back at you for the cute story and for keeping your little lady so happy! Out of 5 stars, we give you 9!
image of bella porterhouse steak savory juice bella dog food
image of 5 stars for bella dog food

“They LOVE it!!”

“My 3 chihuahuas love every flavor of the wet Bella! I have one that has a underbite and it's so easy for her to eat. As soon as they come in from their morning walk they all go straight to the pantry! I buy these like they are going out of style! Thank you for the coupon!”

~ Chihuahuas mom from GA

what's cuter than 3 chihuahuas going for a walk together and then waiting by the pantry together? Its one of those chihuahuas having an underbite. 5 stars for each, plus 5 more for the underbite.

Delighting your little one with the food they love earns all of the stars in our book.
Keep the reviews coming!

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Nourish and Delight

You can feel confident that you are providing your small dog with the nutrition they need and the flavors they love, so you both can have a delightful mealtime experience.

The Recipes They Want and the Nutrition They Need

Protein-rich including real meats to help support strong muscles
Soft, easy to chew texture for little mouths
Great Taste for discerning palettes
Antioxidant blend tailored for small dogs' hard-working immune systems
Natural ingredients plus vitamins and minerals
Helps support health throughout their linger life expectancy

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