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7 Simple Ways to Delight Your Small Dog Today


image of woman hugging boston terrier dog
two small Pomeranian dogs walking on leashes

1. Take the Long Way Home

Okay, maybe not the long long way – short little legs and all. But on your daily walk, go left instead of right. Take a different route that’s full of new sights and, more importantly, fresh new smells for your little one to enjoy!

image of person feeding pug dog

2. Make Mealtime Memorable

Of course we’re going to say this, right? Well, yes. Bella is the food that’s specially made for both nourishing small dogs’ unique nutritional needs, and delighting their picky little palates. Explore the Bella small dog food options and see.

image of woman watching tv with her frenchy dog

3. See What’s on the ‘Tube

Search YouTube for small dog TV and you’ll find so many options for entertaining or relaxing your small dog. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself enjoying the videos too.



image of two woman sitting with small dogs on their laps

4. Plan a Yappy Hour

Just like people, dogs need to socialize. Dog parks can be scary for many small dogs if there are too many larger breeds around. Find or start a play group, like a small dog Meetup, or ask your groomer if they know anyone else looking for a play date.

image of small Yorkshire terrier with a toy

5. Freshen and Fetch

It’s easy to forget how gnarly those favorite chew toys are. If they can be revived, give them a little scrub with a pet-safe detergent. If they are beyond saving, splurge on a few new ones for your precious pup! Maybe one they can fetch to get in some fun activity. Or one that dispenses treats! Tip: instead of treats, use small dog kibble – your little nugget will still be thrilled.

image of small white dog giving high-five to woman

6. Teach the Old Gal a New Trick

Dogs actually do like to learn new tricks, even the old <ahem> more mature ones. Yes, they enjoy the edible rewards, but they also love to see that they’re pleasing you. A good one to try is the “get in“ command.



image of small dog on reclining man's lap

7. Nap Lap or Sofa Sitting

You know your little one best. Is she a nap-on-the-lap dog, but you’re not that into sitting still for so long? Does he want to sprawl out next to you, but the sofa is a no-fa? We don’t want you to spoil your precious pup, buuuut… Go on! Delight them with the kind of cuddles only you know they love!

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Nourish and Delight

You can feel confident that you are providing your small dog with the nutrition they need and the flavors they love, so you both can have a delightful mealtime experience.

The Recipes They Want and the Nutrition They Need

Protein-rich including real meats to help support strong muscles
Soft, easy to chew texture for little mouths
Great Taste for discerning palettes
Antioxidant blend tailored for small dogs' hard-working immune systems
Natural ingredients plus vitamins and minerals
Helps support health throughout their linger life expectancy

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