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Ways to Put the QT in Quarantine


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Life looks a lot different these days.

And so do your cute little coworkers. 
Here's a few ways to pamper your small dog and make the most of every moment of this new norm.



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1. Start each day with an adorable breakfast date.

2. Let your small dog join you during self-care workouts.

3. Read emails, articles and presentations to them.

4. Hop on your bike at lunch with your ride or die.

5. Make a few minutes for their mental stimulation.

6. Cuddle on the carpet during conference calls.

7. Treat them to extra dog training and treats time!

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Tips, Tricks, and Trends for the Small Dog Lifestyle

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Nourish and Delight

You can feel confident that you are providing your small dog with the nutrition they need and the flavors they love, so you both can have a delightful mealtime experience.

The Recipes They Want and the Nutrition They Need

Protein-rich including real meats to help support strong muscles
Soft, easy to chew texture for little mouths
Great Taste for discerning palettes
Antioxidant blend tailored for small dogs' hard-working immune systems
Natural ingredients plus vitamins and minerals
Helps support health throughout their linger life expectancy

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