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Get Exercited / How Much Exercise is Enough for My Small Dog?


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Diet and exercise requirements aren’t one size fits small.

All dogs benefit from exercise for brain, body and behavioral health. But how do you know if your favorite
four-legged is getting the proper balance for their itty-bitty body? #ItsComplicated

The amount of exercise your small dog needs depends on a number of factors: breed, size/weight
and age. It also can be impacted by what they eat and underlying health issues. 

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The General Rule of Paw on Small Dog Exercise:

For most small dogs, 30-60 minutes of exercise a day is ideal. This isn’t only walks and runs; active play sessions count too! And those sessions add up, so consider several short walks or play times rather than a single long sustained one. Ask your veterinarian if your precious pup likely needs more or less than that amount. And then watch for these signs:

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Signs Your Small Dog May Need More Exercise:

  • ▪ Hyper energy bursts (running in circles, jumping on couch, etc.)
  • ▪ Destructive behaviors (snacking on sneakers, chewing on chairs)
image of small Pomeranian dog laying on blankets

Signs Your Small Dog Could Be Over Exercised:

  • ▪ Excessive panting, drooling or thirst
  • ▪ Decreased energy, increasingly tired  
  • ▪ Abnormally reluctant, stops in place
  • ▪ Having difficulty standing or walking
  • ▪ Limping, lagging behind or lying down
  • ▪ Appears dizzy, fatigued or disoriented
  • ▪ Whining, discomfort or sore muscles

Prevent issues and injuries by talking to your vet about a smart exercise plan for your dog.
And make sure to pamper your pet with proper small dog nutrition to support their active little bodies – from natural meals
with added vitamins and minerals that are crafted specifically for small dogs like yours.

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Nourish and Delight

You can feel confident that you are providing your small dog with the nutrition they need and the flavors they love, so you both can have a delightful mealtime experience.

The Recipes They Want and the Nutrition They Need

Protein-rich including real meats to help support strong muscles
Soft, easy to chew texture for little mouths
Great Taste for discerning palettes
Antioxidant blend tailored for small dogs' hard-working immune systems
Natural ingredients plus vitamins and minerals
Helps support health throughout their linger life expectancy

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