FAQ - Pet Adoption for Those 55 Plus

Are pets really free to adopt?

Yes, cats and dogs are free for qualified adopters to adopt under the Purina® pet adoption program from a participating shelter or rescue while funds are available. While Purina covers the costs of adoptions, the shelters and rescues cover some of the other costs like certain vaccinations, spay and neutering to ensure you and your pet are off to a great start.

How do I know if I qualify for a Purina® sponsored cat or dog adoption?

You must be age 55 or older to qualify for a free cat or dog adoption.  Please note that you may also be subject to and must pass any additional screening requirements by the shelter or rescue organization as part of their standard adoption process before you may adopt a pet. 

How do I know if a participating shelter or rescue has funds available?

We recommend that you contact the shelter or rescue that you have selected and ask to speak to an adoption counselor.  When speaking with an adoption counselor request that they check to see if they have any remaining funds available to adopt a cat or dog under the Purina® pet adoption program. 

Is there an expiration date on the coupon?

The Purina® pet adoption program promotion code expires December 31, 2013.  However, each shelter or rescue will only be able to honor the promotion while funds are available at their specific location.

How is the coupon redeemed?

The coupon may be redeemed at any of the participating shelters or rescues while funds are available.  Check out this list of shelters and select one near you. 

What pets are adoptable under the program?

We recommend that you call the participating shelter or rescue that you have selected and speak with one of their adoption counselors who will be able to tell you what pets are available to adopt under the program.  Please keep in mind that some shelters or rescues may reserve their funds for selected adoption days or events.  Please be sure to inquire about additional adoption details specific to the organization that you have selected. 

Can I adopt multiple pets free of charge under the program? And do I need to print multiple coupons?

Yes, you can adopt multiple pets at no charge under the program but you must check with the individual organization to be certain they have multiple eligible pets.  You are not required to have multiple coupons when adopting multiple pets at the same time. For the limit of the number of pets you can adopt, please contact the individual shelter.