We've gathered some of the brightest minds in the pet industry for a single day. Get to know the experts, innovators, and celebrities.

  • Dr. Marty Becker Veterinarian

    America’s Veterinarian (featured on Good Morning America and Dr. Oz) talks about the healing power of pets.

  • Dr. Sandra Lyn Purina Behaviorist

    After a trip to South Africa to study the African wildcat, Lyn’s view of the domestic cat changed forever.

  • Black Label Movement Modern Dance Troupe

    Black Label Movement with John Bohannon presents an amazing live dance presentation about the co-evolution of dogs and people.

  • John Hockenberry Host of public radio's "The Takeaway"

    John Hockenberry, Better With Pets emcee and public radio host, is an advocate for service dog accessibility.

  • Dr. Robin Downing Veterinarian

    Downing has devoted her career to studying pet pain. She’ll discuss myths about pain and aging—and what you can do to help your aging pet mature gracefully.

  • Dr. Brian Hare Founder of Dognition, Professor at Duke

    What makes your dog do what he does? Get a dog’s-eye-view with Dogntion founder Dr. Brian Hare.

  • Dr. Steve Hannah Purina Genomics Expert

    Having spent his career focusing on molecular nutrition for pets, Dr. Hannah asks questions large and small about the canine’s genome.

  • Dr. Arleigh Reynolds Purina Physiologist

    Veterinarian, exercise physiologist and world-champion sprint dog racer, Reynolds will talk about his dogs—“the world’s best athletes.”

  • Julia Huang Co-founder, Architecture For Dogs

    Huang talks about happiness for dogs and humans alike—brought to us by the power of architecture.

  • Simon Tofield Cartoonist, "Simon's Cat"

    How have cats and cartoons changed Simon Tofield’s life? Tofield will talk about “Simon’s Cat”—the cartoon series he created that has over 25 million fans.

  • Amanda Hassner Purina Chef

    Purina chef Amanda Hassner will talk about food trends in both the pet and human food world—and her hope for human nutrition moving forward.

  • Dr. Joseph Wakshlag Associate Professor of Clinical Nutrition

    Dr. Wakshlag will focus on the topic of pet rehabilitation, and the important role nutrition can make on a pet’s recovery.

  • Judy Finnegan VP of Community Treatment Inc.

    What do service dogs and inmates have in common? We'll hear the incredible story of Puppies For Parole.

  • Alexis Ohanian Founder of Reddit

    Alexis Ohanian is the co-founder of Reddit, and a major voice on the Internet. He'll talk about why pets have exploded onto the Web, and what it says about us as people.

  • Mike Rugnetta Host, PBS Idea Channel, Adj. Professor NYU

    Rugnetta is host of PBS's Idea Channel, an adjunct professor at NYU, and a pet-obsessed observer of the digital media age.

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