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November 3, 2015
Brooklyn Expo Center, NYC

Coverage of last year’s #BetterWithPets

  • For those of us who practically live-and-breathe all things pets, this was as close as it comes to the perfect day.

  • Is life better with a pet? Beth Stern joins Fox & Friends to talk about her love of fostering cats and taking part in the Purina Better With Pets Summit.

  • The Purina Better With Pets Summit featured 16 amazing speakers, and while diverse, they all had one thing in common -- to help broaden and advance the way relationships with people and their pets are viewed.

  • "Beth Stern talks about her animal rescue and foster work, live from the Purina Better With Pets Summit."

  • I’ve never been to a TED conference, but Purina’s Better With Pets summit is what I would expect it to be like - informative, collaborative, though-provoking, educational, fun and inspiring.

  • Purina had a “Better With Pets Summit” in New York City this week, and I made sure my human was there to see that cats were properly represented. It was a pretty awesome one-day event, from what I gather!

  • The author behind "Simon's Cats" spoke at the Purina Better with Pets summit. He told the crowd that two of his cats are black cats. “A lot of people have misconceptions about black cats. To me, they are symbols of good luck.

  • Beth Stern discusses the life-changing relationships of people and pets, her work with pet advocacy groups and the inspiring stories and speakers involved with the "Better With Pets" event.

  • Purina hosted this first-ever Better With Pets Summit bringing together remarkable thinkers from a wide spectrum of culture to help broaden and advance the way relationships between pets and people are viewed.

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