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Being a Cat Person Comes with Many Rewards

And we want to reward you for all the ways you’re sharing a better life with your cat. Join our community of Cat People and earn points for taking part, then redeem them for great swag. 

Great Cat People Deserve Great Perks

When you join MyPerks, you earn points for the things you do, share and buy, then redeem those points for great rewards. Sign Up.

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Easy to Earn Points

You earn points for every bag of Cat Chow you buy, but you can also earn points for small things like answering questions, leaving reviews and more.

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Fresh Monthly Swag

Loving your cat is more rewarding than ever. Add points for new rewards like cat fountains, yoga mats and more!

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Get Social

Like Purina Cat Chow on Facebook or follow us on Instagram and Twitter, then earn points by inviting your friends.

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See Cat Chow Products
See Cat Chow Products

Explore all the products Cat Chow offers and find the right one for your cat. 

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Articles, Facts & More

Catipedia, our resource for all the cat info, is moving. But you can still find all the articles and explore even more.

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