Why is my cat vomiting after eating?

Cat Upset Stomach

Cat Vomiting

If your cat is vomiting, it’s important to get to the root of the problem. Here are some possible reasons your cat may be throwing up.

1.    Your cat is eliminating hairballs.

2.    Your cat is eating too rapidly due to competition around the food bowl.

Eating too rapidly is a very common reason for vomiting in cats. If your kitty frequently gags or vomits after dinner, she may simply be chowing down too quickly. 

When cats eat too voraciously, they often swallow their kibble whole and end up gagging on it.

What You Can Do

The easiest way to slow down an overeager feline eater is to feed her a larger kibble size so she has to take longer to chew and swallow. You can also try feeding your cat smaller portions of food more often.

We hope this has given you more understanding of your cat’s digestive distress.

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