Understanding Cat Food

Learn how to choose between wet cat food or dry cat food based upon your cat’s unique needs and wants.
Learn about commercial cat foods, including those made with organic ingredients.
Get information about whether organic food is safe and healthy for your cat.
Find helpful information on how to decide if cat food with organic ingredients is best for your cat.
Learn about the nutritional needs of your senior cat, including the benefits of a higher protein diet, and highly digestible ingredients.
Discover Purina® brand cat foods that are specially formulated for senior cats.
Discover the food your senior cat needs for a complete and balanced diet.
Learn some simple steps you can take to promote a healthy weight in your cat.
Here are three quick checks you can do to assess whether your cat is the right weight.
Learn exactly what your cat needs to thrive, from water to essentials of food.
Consider your cat's nutritional needs to assess whether supplements are necessary.
Get control of your cat's weight-- before it gets out of hand.