What is the difference between wet and dry cat food?
Wet or Dry

Wet vs. Dry Cat Food

The differences between wet and dry cat food are found primarily in moisture content, feeding styles, and stability. Whether you choose wet or dry food for your cat is mostly a personal preference that can be influenced by your lifestyle and what type of food your pet prefers or thrives on.

Wet Cat Food 

  • Wet food in the United States is required to have more than 65 percent moisture.
    Semi-moist varieties require 20 percent or more moisture.
  • Wet food is usually fed more like meals. The FDA recommends that wet food not be left out for more than four hours in order to avoid food safety concerns.
  • If your cat hasn’t eaten her wet food within an hour, it is recommended that you
    remove it.

Dry Cat Food                                

  • Regulatory standards in the United States stipulate that dry food contains less than 20 percent moisture.                        
  • As long as there are no issues (e.g., your cat is an exuberant diner, overweight or obese), dry kibble can be left out all day long and a cat can nibble on it.
  • It is advisable that regardless of what type of food your cat is fed, that she be provided the calories necessary to maintain a healthy weight. The feeding guidelines on-pack can be used as a starting point.
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