How do cats help in animal-assisted therapy?

Posted on: September 10, 2013

Therapeutic Cats

Cats are soft, furry and companionable animals that can be a delight to have around. They provide more than just entertainment, however. Cats can be a tremendous help in animal-assisted therapy sessions.

Cats in Therapy Sessions

When cats were present during a therapy session:

  • Depressed patients were more social, and experienced decreases in depression.
  • Children with severe ADHD showed increased attention spans.
  • Autistic or developmentally disabled patients were more social, and showed increased attention spans.
  • Patients with Alzheimer's experienced decreases in depression and anger, with increased attention spans.

Of course, having a cat isn't right for everyone. But if you're in the right place in life and have love to give, you might be surprised by the ways your life improves with a cat by your side.

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