Should my cat eat different food at various ages?

Food For Kittens and Adult Cats

Your cat has unique dietary needs at each stage of its life. It’s important to find the right cat food to support the growth and health of your feline friend. 


At this key developmental stage in a cat's life, your cat needs special nutrient blends that include DHA to support proper vision and brain development.

Adult Cat

Purina foods contain nutrient and energy levels designed to help keep your adult cat in ideal body condition when fed properly, with a glossy coat and plenty of energy.

Senior Cat

Many overweight cats can achieve significant healthy weight loss through a high-protein diet. Several studies have proven that higher levels of protein in a cat’s diet facilitates the loss of excess fat.

Providing your cat with the nutrients she needs throughout her life is one of the most important things you can do for her. Hopefully this brief guide will inspire you to select foods designed for your cat’s developmental needs.

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