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9-Square Ventures

9-Square Ventures is focused on investing in emerging pet food and snack brands. It also evaluates other pet care businesses and advanced food technologies.

For more than 80 years, Purina has been helping pets grow strong and healthy. Now a new business unit in Purina has been formed to accelerate innovation in the pet category by partnering with entrepreneurs, small businesses and venture funds.

9-Square Ventures is proactively engaging with and making direct equity investments in early stage pet businesses to create the next generation of $100+ Million brands.

  • Emerging Pet Food & Snack Brands. We are seeking emerging pet food and snack brands with a compelling product and an authentic consumer proposition. Businesses should have annual sales of more than $1 million with the potential for accelerated growth and to become sizeable businesses.
  • Other Pet Care Businesses. We are interested in unique pet care business opportunities beyond food and snacks to improve the health, welfare, and care of both dogs and cats.
  • Food Technology. We are also interested in advanced food technology that can be applied to the pet food category to create novel or advanced nutrition, taste, or enhanced product benefits.

If you are interested to find out more about partnering with 9-Square Ventures, please contact our Partner Coordinator. We ask that any information shared be non-confidential in nature.

At 9 Square Ventures, our challenge is to support the dreams and visions of entrepreneurs and emerging brands to create breakthrough innovations and a better future for the pets we love. That “small thing” you’re working on may be the next big thing for pets and we want to help you make it happen.

Your Vision. With our Support to Grow.