Banana Joe and Other Pro Plan®-Fed Dogs Sweep Westminster


It’s the 7th consecutive year that a Pro Plan-fed dog has won Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show. The results are in, and the winners of all seven groups, including the Best in Show winner, Banana Joe, are dogs that are fed Purina® Pro Plan®. And this isn't the first year Pro Plan-fed dogs have swept the show-- it's the 3rd. 

One of the ways we judge the quality of our foods is by looking at the pets who eat them. When we see that owners of exceptional, high-performing dogs count on one of our products to keep their dogs healthy and radiant, we know we've done our job.

That's why we're thrilled whenever we find out that dogs winning national dog shows are dogs whose owners feed them Purina Pro Plan. For us, this experience is not uncommon. In fact, Pro Plan-fed dogs also took home Best in Show at the National Dog Show and the AKC/Eukanuba Dog Show this year. 

The trend of Pro Plan dogs winning shows is nothing new. Why is this? While Purina Pro Plan sponsors some of these events, including The National Dog Show and the Westminster Dog Show, we don't sponsor individual dogs, or pay any handlers to feed Pro Plan. The frequency of Pro Plan winners is actually related to statistics. Ninety-three of the top 100 all-breed show dogs in the country are fed Purina Pro Plan, so it's more likely than not that Pro Plan-fed dogs will win.

Pro Plan isn't just formulated for dogs who participate in dog shows. It’s formulated for all kinds of dogs, from agility champions to canine good citizens. Pro Plan believes that inside every good dog is a great dog, and we create our products to bring out the greatness in every dog.

To find the right Pro Plan product for your pet, visit Pro Plan’s website.

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