Helping Owners Understand Their Cat’s True Nature

Posted on: July 12, 2013

We believe cats are often misunderstood, partly because the true nature of cats - where they come from, their ancestry and their evolution from wild cats - has largely remained a mystery. That’s why Purina ONE® decided to see what would happen if we set out to explore the true nature of cats. We’ve already learned a lot.

Digging Deep

We started by visiting South Africa to study one of the domestic cat's closest living ancestors, the African Wildcat. There, our team of experts was able to observe cats’ habits in the wild and understand what constitutes their ideal habitat. These observations helped our researchers make recommendations for simple ways that regular pet owners can arrange their homes to help their cats feel comfortable and stimulated, and feed them in a way that aligns with their natural instincts.

As the team learned more about a cat’s true nature, they applied their lessons to one special shelter cat, Cash. After his owner, Ashlee, adopted him, her goal was to raise him according to his true nature, to see the difference it might make in his life. Through videos and reflections, she kept the world updated on Cash's progress, and showed cat owners how to apply what she’d learned toward raising their own cats.

To help cat owners get to know their cat’s true nature and give their cat more productive, stimulating play, we created the True Nature Journal. It’s free to use and full of expert tips and enriching activities. 

You can also learn about enriching your cat’s life by watching our cat videos, or navigate by the topics below.

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Make sure to check out more about the True Nature of Cats here.

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