Building the Ultimate Dog Park

Here at Purina, we’re always trying to find new ways to make life better for dogs and their owners, and we believe play and outdoor exercise are crucial to a pet’s happiness. Dog parks can be a great place for play and exercise, but they are sometimes lackluster environments—broad expanses of mulch or dirt without many features.To celebrate the special relationships dogs and owners share, we created the Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest in 2010, inviting dog owners across America to dream up what their ultimate dog park desitnation would look like if they had $500,000 to spend. And,dreamed they did! Over the past three years, we have designed and awarded three, half-million dollar Beneful Dream Dog Park renovations. The dog park was unveiled on August 6 in Lancaster, PA. 

The 2012 Winners? Angela and Beau

The 2012 Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest attracted hundreds of entrants and their four-legged friends, including local Lancaster PA residents, Angela Bauman and her beautiful dog named “Beau”. The duo dreamt big and their creative thinking helped inspire a newly renovated dream dog park like you’ve never seen before. The newly renovated dog park features an array of amusement park-themed elements including: a 40-foot-long roller coaster bridge, customs designed splash pads for large and small dogs that feature fun spray nozzles, wiener-dog-shaped tunnel, and a tennis ball tree. There’s even a doggie drinking fountains to ensure that pets have fresh water. 

On August 6, 2013, Nate Berkus, designer and dog lover, and the dog-loving community of Lancaster, PA, celebrated the unveiling of Beau’s Dream Dog Park. At the unveiling event, Berkus helped kick-off the 2013 Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest.

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Want to Participate?

From August 6 through September 17, dog owners across the country can enter the contest by uploading a photo that shows how life is better when they are with their dogs and a short essay (250 words or less) that answers the question: If you had a $500,000 to create Dream Dog Park where you and your best buddy can play together, what would you do?  

The Grand Prize winner receives $10,000 cash award and one year supply of Beneful dog food. And, the winner’s idea will help serve as inspiration for a $500,000 Dream Dog Park renovation in his or her area.

Go to and submit your entry today!

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