The True Nature Journal

Whether they’re launching a surprise attack from behind a potted plant or sleeping on top of the refrigerator, cats are notoriously quirky. As a result, cat owners are sometimes confused by their cat’s behavior. Here at Purina, we’re always looking for ways to help owners better understand their pets, so we launched a research project called The True Nature of Cats. To help bring the information we discovered to life for pet owners, we created the True Nature Journal. The journal provides owners with an interactive way to start enriching their cats’ lives. 

An Approachable Way to Learn About Your Cat

The True Nature Journal distills the insights we learned about cat behavior into ready-to-use tips and activities you can enjoy with your cat. Some of the activities we feature in the True Nature Journal include experimenting with different foods to make the most of your cat’s evolutionary eating habits and creating a climbing pathway to allow her to engage her natural instinct to climb. We also feature a step-by-step guide to teaching your cat how to walk on a leash. Leash-walking might seem like a stretch, but the journal breaks it into manageable steps, from acclimating her to the harness to ensuring she reacts calmly to sounds.

We also provide ways to evaluate your cat’s stress level, and tips to decrease your cat’s tension, like changing her food dish placement so she feels safe from predators while eating, and feeding her on a plate instead of a bowl to reduce “whisker stress.”

Learning and Sharing 

With the True Nature Journal, you can establish a profile for your cat before diving into any of 16 different activities developed with input from the Purina ONE® team of cat experts. Each activity is broken down into a series of small, manageable steps that take into account your cat’s true nature. You can document your experience with notes and photos, win ribbons for completing activities, and share your experience and triumphs through Facebook and Twitter. 

If you’d like to create a better and richer experience with your cat, head over to the journal

Quick tip: In the wild, cats derive most of their hydration from eating prey. To mimic this experience, try giving your cat wet food to ensure proper hydration, especially if she doesn’t have regular access to running water.

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