Train Your Dog with Purina® Pro Plan® P5

We know nutrition is central to a dog’s health. But we also know diet is only one aspect of a dog’s overall wellbeing. When you add activity, mental stimulation and quality time with an owner, you start to get a complete picture of a dog’s health. Purina® Pro Plan®’s role is to support dogs and their owners on their personal path towards greatness. That’s why we created P5, an activity-tracking and training app that helps dogs and their owners spend more quality time together.

Our app tracks a dog’s activity so that his owner can see how much energy he’s consuming and adjust his food and water accordingly. Beyond that, it provides step-by-step training regimens that begin with basic behavior training and progress to high-performance feats of athleticism. Dogs can start by learning a basic “sit” command and eventually graduate to catching a flying disc or diving off a dock.  

So how does it work? Using a proprietary algorithm put together by our development team and Purina research scientist Brian Zanghi, Ph. D., our app converts the activity of dogs of all breeds and sizes into a simple metric, which we call Greatness Points. The name comes from our belief that “Inside every good dog is a GREAT DOGTM.”

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Our P5 app features training videos that offer the expertise of world-renowned dog trainer Tracy Custer, from the Pro Plan Performance Team. As owners complete more and more training routines with their dogs, they can earn badges and rewards, motivating them to keep improving their dog’s health and performance.

Complementing the app is Pro Plan's new Sport product line, which offers three formulas to fuel athletic dogs based on activity level – whether they’re getting every day exercise or competing in canine athletics.

The app is free to download, and available from the Apple App Store. We hope that it leads to many more impressive feats in dog parks across the country, but most importantly, more quality time for people and the dogs they love. 

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