Why use corn in your pet food? Is corn a filler?

Corn Contributes to a Balanced Diet

You want to give your dog a food that supports health and enrichment. A balanced diet will keep your dog healthy and improve his life. That’s why we include corn in many of our dog foods.

Corn Benefits Dogs

Corn has come under scrutiny lately in discussions about human food and dog food alike. Some dog food companies are even substituting other ingredients, like potatoes, for corn.

  • Corn provides protein, energy, and linoleic acid, which is an essential fatty acid for dogs.
  • Ounce for ounce, corn has twice the level of antioxidants as an apple.

Evidence-based Recipes

While we do provide corn-free foods for the less than 1-percent of dogs that may have sensitivity to corn, we stand behind our decision to include corn in the majority of our dog foods. Until our scientists can find evidence that removing corn would benefit dogs, we won't do it.

05 Why Is Corn Good For My Dog Illustration

Our careful research has indicated to us that corn is not only acceptable in a dog’s diet, but benefits their health. 99-percent of dogs are not allergic to grains and thrive on a diet that includes them. Hopefully this article gave you a better understanding of the myths and realities around corn and dog nutrition.

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