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Purina is committed to improving our global, environmental impact, and that starts with the responsible sourcing of ingredients. In sourcing some of our salmon, we were able to develop a method that benefits the environment and fish processors, as well as create a high-quality supply of salmon for our pet food products.

In the sparkling, pristine waters off the coast of Alaska comes some of the tastiest salmon in the world.  Wild-caught by small fishing vessels and processed in towns nestled along the rugged shoreline, this salmon commands a hefty price when sold in supermarkets and restaurants worldwide.  When the filets are removed for the human market, the rest of the fish, also highly nutritious and rich in Omega 3 oils, remains.  Today, that nutritious salmon is used by Nestle Purina for a portion of our complete and balanced salmon-containing pet foods. 

This wasn’t always possible.  Over the last decade some of the Alaskan salmon processing houses would simply discard that unused material.  While some amounts of this non-filet salmon could go back to nature and be used as food by certain predatory fish, the quantities discharged by these large processing houses were often more than the ecosystem could absorb.  In addition, this rich and flavorful protein and nutrient source was going to waste.

In a move that benefitted the fish processors, Purina, and the environment, Purina opened a dialogue to evaluate using this fresh and high quality non-filet salmon. Our highly-skilled specialists worked alongside the processing house professionals to establish new processing capabilities that met Purina’s stringent food safety standards.  The move went smoothly for all involved and today, this salmon is a delicious component in a number of our recipes.

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