What Is Fel d 1?

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Learn about the secretoglobin that can affect cat allergen-sensitized patients like yours.

 Fel D 1

The Major Cat Allergen

Sensitization to cat allergens is a global health concern. Fel d 1, a secretoglobin, is the major cat allergen that accounts for up to 95% of sensitization to cats.1,2 

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All Cats Produce It

Contrary to common beliefs there are no allergen-free or ‘hypoallergenic’ cats or breeds.5,7 All cats, irrespective of the breed, age, hair length or color, sex, housing (indoors vs outdoors), or body weight, produce Fel d 1  at various levels and during different times of the year. 3,4,8

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It Starts In the Mouth

Fel d 1 is produced primarily in the salivary and sebaceous glands, and is transferred to cat hair and skin during grooming and eventually into the environment via hair and dander.1,6

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It’s Easily Airborne

Fel d 1 is light, so it easily becomes and remains airborne in dander and dust particles 1,2  where it can come into contact with cat allergen-sensitized individuals.

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