We believe food choices are the most important daily decisions we make for our health and well-being, and it’s not any different when it comes to feeding our pets. At Beyond®, we believe that when we connect with what’s natural, we reconnect with what’s good in food.

Why Beyond

Natural dog and cat food nutrition plus essential nutrients providing all the nourishment your pets need and nothing they don’t.
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Beyond Simply 9 Natural Dry Dog Food Recipes

Simple means knowing exactly what your dog is eating – nine natural, recognizable ingredients you know and trust, plus vitamins and minerals.  It makes for a simple ingredient list, but the recipe behind it is not.  We thoughtfully select ingredients that work together to provide the nourishment your dog needs and nothing he doesn’t.

Beyond Natural Dry Cat Food and Wet Cat Food Recipes

It’s about knowing exactly what your cat is eating – real, recognizable, natural ingredients you know and trust, plus essential nutrients.  The ingredient list is simple, but the thought behind the recipe is not.  Each ingredient is purposely selected and when working together, they deliver the natural nutrition and essential nutrients to help your cat live a full, healthy life. 

Beyond Adventure Grain Free Dry Dog Food Recipe

We know dogs have a spirit of adventure. They love to run free to explore what nature has to offer and the same holds true when it comes to their food.  Beyond® Adventure is an out-of-the-ordinary meal experience.  It starts with an alternative source of protein, high-quality tuna as the first ingredient, and is crafted without grains. It's a back to basics, protein-rich approach to support your dog's health and enjoyment.

Beyond Grain-Free Dry Cat Food and Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Recipes

We believe every pet deserves great nutrition – no matter what their diet demands. We made it our mission to create a recipe that gives your cat or dog all the natural nutrition and essential nutrients they deserves, in a grain-free solution you’re looking for.  It’s simple and natural, with all the nourishment your pet needs and nothing he doesn't.

Beyond Superfood Blends Dry Dog Food and Dry Cat Food Recipes

There is power in good ingredients - especially those known to be nutrient-dense.  This inspired us to create recipes with superfood ingredients.  Our Superfood Blend recipes provide high-quality, natural nutrition plus essential nutrients to help support your pet’s long-term health and wellbeing.

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