Waggin’ Train®

Waggin’ Train® is passionately committed to making 100% real meat treats, because real dogs deserve real treats.

Waggin’ Train® 100% Real Treats

Happy treating starts with quality, real chicken.
That’s why from egg to treat, we're committed to overseeing every step of our process and sourcing our 100% real chicken from exclusive suppliers we trust. That's Purina's promise of quality to you, every step of the way.

Available In:

  • Snacks & Treats

Why Waggin’ Train®?

  • High quality 100% real chicken treats
  • We oversee every step of our process to ensure quality
  • Our chickens are raised with pride
  • Our 100% real chicken is then prepared with a few simple ingredients
  • All slow-cooked to perfection

Three Treat Varieties

  • 100% real Chicken Jerky Tenders
  • 100% real Jerky Duos
  • 100% real Smoky Jerky Snacks

Ingredients & Nutrients

Treats Just Got Real
Made with only a few simple ingredients:

  • Chicken Jerky Tenders
    Made with 100% real white meat chicken
  • Jerky Duos
    Made with 100% real chicken and sweet potatoes
  • Smoky Jerky Snacks
    Made with 100% real chicken and a hint of brown sugar

Click here for information about the Dog Treat Products Settlement for chicken jerky treats imported from China.

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