Purina® Pro Plan® Performance Team

At Purina Farms, we have a staff of trainers who devote their time and energy to discovering the amazing things dogs can achieve. Whether for diving dog, agility or flying disc, our trainers use their knowledge to teach dogs a wide range of skills and help keep them in top physical condition.

Purina® Pro Plan® wanted to share that knowledge with everyone by developing an app, called P5, which would help make dog training easy and more fun. So we asked our trainers about some great skills to teach a dog, and how we could make it possible for everyone to train their dog at home. And we weren’t surprised to discover that they had a lot to say.

When we asked our trainers how to teach a dog exciting skills like catching a flying disc, they made recommendations about the kind of conditioning a dog needs before he can jump into intense canine sports. That’s why P5 includes things like running and strength training in addition to flying disc, diving dog and agility. Our trainers also told us that basic obedience is the key to success in almost every other skill, so P5 features lessons that share the basics of working with your dog on simple commands.

And after all that planning, our trainers showed us how it’s done by starring in the videos that bring P5 to life. With the help of their own dogs, all of whom were adopted from rescues and shelters around the country, they used Purina Farms to rehearse and film each video’s lessons, breaking them down into simple steps that work for almost every dog. 

Purina® Pro Plan® provides a unique way for dogs to learn new and exciting skills, and we’re proud to share the expert knowledge of our trainers with dog owners everywhere. 

Learn more at ProPlan.com or download the P5 app

You can also check out a live performance by the trainers and dogs who appear in the app by visting Purina Farms mid-March – mid-November and catching one of their daily canine performances. Call (314) 982-3232 M-F between 9:30AM - 4PM starting March 18, 2015, which is when we open for the season, for more information.


Meet Our Trainers

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