So Good, They Won’t Know It’s a Diet


Introducing new OM Overweight Management® flavors, calorie-smart treats and an enticing variety pack. Now, it’s easier than ever for your clients to help their pets find their favorite flavors and textures.

The Nutrition Pets Need. The Taste Clients Want.


When food is love, it can be hard for clients to put their pets on a diet. Choosing from a variety of flavors and textures can help with compliance.

Each OM diet is formulated to be as effective as it is delicious, with advanced nutrition like a high protein-to-calorie ratio and added L-carnitine to help pets burn fat more effectively.

Give Your Clients the Tools to Succeed

Help your clients keep their pets on the path to an ideal body condition by teaching them how to perform a “healthy hug”! It’s an easy way for them to help track results at home.

Could You Extend A Dog’s Healthy Years?

Revisit the Landmark Purina Life Span Study and discover the benefits of feeding dogs to an ideal body condition over a lifetime.


Home Delivery Made Easy


Don’t worry about inventory space or upfront costs! Offer all of our OM Overweight Management® formulas online through Vet Direct. Your clients will love the exclusive savings and home delivery!