• 2x the refills of our regular bundle pack  
  • Bundle comes with four packs of 4-count original cat pads (16 count total) and two 7 lb. bags of original pellets (14lbs. total) 
  • Specifically designed for Breeze
  • Perfect for homes with multiple cats or our XL system 
  • Anti-tracking to minimize mess around the box 
  • 99.9% dust free 
  • Compatible with all Breeze models  
  • Online only; shipped as a bundle for ease and simplicity

Available Sizes

  • Two 7 lb bags of pellets  

    Four 4-count pouches of pads 

Product Description

The only thing better than a Breeze bundle pack? The Breeze bundle pack with more refills. Compatible with all Breeze systems (including XL!) with 2x the refills of regular bundle packs, the Mega Bundle is perfect for multi-cat households. (Reminder: this mega convenient bundle is only available online!)