Service dogs help military veterans suffering from PTSD in ways that other therapies cannot. That’s why our Service Dog Salute campaign is focused on supporting the lives and training of more service dogs — so that every veteran in need has an opportunity to benefit from this unique bond.

Service Dogs Change Lives

See how service dogs transform the lives of veterans and their families.


Thanks to Laramie, Sergio no longer has to miss out on important family milestones.


With Katie’s help, David is able to be the
hands-on father he wants to be for his two girls.


Finnegan made Ethan’s life worth living again, much to the amazement of his family.


Dog Chow® understands the important role that service dogs can play in the lives of veterans.  That’s why our Service Dog Salute campaign has donated over $600,000 to organizations that positively impact military veterans, service dogs, and their human families. 

A Long History of Serving Those Who Serve Us All

Did you know that Purina Dog Chow was named as a nod to the “chow lines” that sustained American service members during the war?

Learn more about all of Dog Chow’s military connections and what our company has been doing throughout our history to help serve those who bravely
serve our country.

What a Difference a Service Dog Can Make

Service dogs are highly trained to assist our military veterans in achieving a better quality of life. Learn about some of the unique ways these incredible canines support our brave military veterans.

Help Is Available

If you or someone you know is a military veteran dealing with PTSD, anxiety, or any other challenges, there are numerous resources available to help.