PTSD Service Dogs Change Veterans’ Lives

veteran petting his service dog

PTSD service dogs are proven to reduce the severity of PTSD symptoms and suicidal behaviors. Unfortunately, less than 1% of those in need of a service dog are able to get one each year. 

Join Purina Dog Chow and our Service Dog Salute program in supporting the care and training of more service dogs for veterans with PTSD. 

The Visible impact award

Nominate A PTSD Service Dog Who’s Changed The Life Of A Veteran You Know.

They could win $10,000 in cash plus $25,000 for the organization that trained their service dog.

Dog Chow Presents  

Even Heroes Need Heroes: 

The Life-Changing Impact of PTSD Service Dogs 

Over three million military veterans struggle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Dog Chow Service Dog Salute is on a mission to help by connecting veterans with PTSD service dogs. For one year, we followed three of these heroes on their journey of hope and healing alongside their PTSD service dogs. Watch as they first meet their dogs, deal with unexpected challenges, and begin to reclaim their lives in ways never thought possible. 

The Dog Chow Service Dog Salute Program

dog chow service salute donations to date: $850,000

Did you know that it costs over $20,000, on average, to train and care for one service dog for a deserving military veteran? But with the help of consumers like you, the Dog Chow Service Dog Salute program has been able to:       

  • DONATE over eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars to support the care and training of more veteran service dogs
  • RAISE AWARENESS for the benefits of PTSD service dogs, particularly within the veteran population
  • HELP FUND CRITICAL RESEARCH to recognize service dogs as a legitimate therapy option for PTSD
  • WORK TO HELP PASS IMPORTANT LEGISLATION to enable more veterans to receive these highly trained dogs