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Dog & Cat Articles with Advice from Our Experts

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Whether you have a dog, cat or both, our experts are here with all the information and tips you need. We use our Purina expertise to cover topics like dog and cat health, nutrition, behavior, training and more. 

Dog and Cat Articles on Behavior & Health

dog with fireworks illustration
Pet Stress and Anxiety

If your dog is experiencing stress during storms or fireworks, there are several possibilities including sudden, loud noises or flashes of light. Explore other potential causes for your dog’s storm or firework anxiety and how to ease it here with a Purina Behavior Scientist.

woman comforting dog
Tips to Comfort Cats and Dogs with Separation Anxiety

Downtime at home often means pets get to bond with all the members of the family. Whether you’re returning to work or school, when it’s time to transition to a regular routine, pets struggle just like the rest of us.

dog and cat sitting together
Pet Disaster Preparedness: Tips for Creating a Pet Emergency Kit

A pet emergency kit and disaster preparedness plan can help ensure you and your pet stay together in a worst-case scenario. Find out how to create your own pet disaster preparedness plan and emergency kit here.

Dog looking out window
Why are Dogs Scared of Thunder

If you’re wondering why some dogs are scared of thunder, there are several possibilities including the loud noises and flashes of light. Find out some other possible causes for this fear and how to ease your dog’s storm anxiety here. 

how to keep dogs cool in summer
How to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer

Summertime has many people heading outside to enjoy the warm days and sunshine. If you have a dog, though, you may worry about bringing him out in the heat.

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Si no estás seguro de la cantidad de alimento que debes darle a tu gato, los nutricionistas de Purina pueden ayudarte. Además, te asesorarán acerca de la seguridad de los alimentos y te sugerirán cómo servirlos de una manera que le agradará a tu gato
Algunos dueños de gatos prefieren darles alimento húmedo. Otros prefieren el seco. ¿Estás tratando de decidir cuál darle? Entérate de lo que nuestros expertos recomiendan.
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