Purina ALPO® Chop House® 12-Count Variety Pack With T-Bone Steak Flavor in Gravy and Rotisserie Chicken Flavor in Gravy Wet Dog Food



  • made with real beef or chicken 

  • now with extra gourmet gravy 

  • now with no artificial preservatives 

  • 100% complete & balanced for adult dogs 

  • 23 essential vitamins & minerals  

  • delicious meaty taste dogs love 

  • crafted safely in USA facilities 

Product Description

With six (6) cans of our T-Bone Steak Flavor wet dog food and six (6) cans of our Rotisserie Chicken Flavor wet dog food, you can bet your furry friend will come running the moment you open up a can. The second he sinks his teeth into one of the tender chunks with beef or chicken and bathes his tongue in the rich and savory gravy he’ll be hooked.

Products included in this Pack

Mmmm… the smell of T-bone steak is something your dog can’t resist.

Chicken! Did someone smell real chicken?!?! You can bet your dog will come running the moment you open up a can of this tasty wet dog food.