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The Purple Leash Project

We envision a world where no one is trapped in abuse because they can’t take their whole family with them. We help create safe spaces for domestic abuse survivors and their pets.

image of statue that depicts hope for domestic abuse survivors and their pets

Newly Commissioned Statue Depicts Hope for Domestic Abuse Survivors & Their Pets

The new statue, Courageous Together, created by Kristen Visbal for the Purple Leash Project, is a symbol of hope for domestic abuse survivors and their pets. The statue was unveiled in New York City as featured on our sponsored "Good Morning America, GMA3: What You Need to Know and LIVE!" with Kelly and Mark segments.

For Help, Call the Domestic Violence Hotline 24/7 at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) or Visit TheHotline.orgOpen in new window

Woman petting a cat and a dog

About the Purple Leash Project

The Purple Leash Project was born out of the Purina mission to bring and keep pets and people together and the RedRover® mission to bring people and their pets from crisis to care. 

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Get Involved

If you’re interested in helping domestic abuse survivors and their pets in your own community, you can find ways to get involved here. 

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Domestic Violence & Pets

Domestic violence statistics show that an estimated one in three women and one in four men experience some form of domestic abuse in their lifetimes, but only nineteen percent of domestic violence shelters accept pets. In addition, over 70 percent of women in domestic violence shelters report their abuser threatened, injured or killed a pet as a means of control. As a result, nearly half (48 percent) of domestic abuse survivors delay leaving because they can’t take their pets with them.

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Our Retail Partners

Thanks to our retail partners, who are helping us make a difference in the lives of domestic violence survivors and their pets.

How You Can Help

Help us increase the number of pet-friendly domestic violence shelters nationwide.

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