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Petivity is an ecosystem of smart devices that help pet owners provide a new standard of care to the pets they love. Our devices transform behavioral data into real insights about your pet’s wellbeing—giving you the peace of mind that you’re doing all you can to provide the best care possible.

Petivity Smart Litter Box Monitor

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Proactively manage your cat’s health.

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How It Works

the petivity litterbox monitor tracks


Place a monitor under each litterbox. Sensors gather precise data on your cat’s weight and litterbox activity.

the petivity litterbox monitor learns


The system uses AI to learn each cat’s litterbox habits and create a unique profile.

the petivity litterbox monitor alerts


Alerts are sent directly to your phone when behavioral changes might be cause for concern.

Ready to discover new insights about your cat’s health?

Discover a New Dimension of Care

Your cat’s litterbox behavior can tell you a lot about their health. The Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor tracks behavior and weight, and alerts you when changes might require your attention or a visit to the veterinarian. It’s proactive care for lifelong health.

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Proactive Care

  • Tracks weight, waste type, time of day and frequency
  • Alerts you to changes that could be caused by serious health conditions like UTI, kidney disease, diabetes or hyperthyroidism that would require veterinary diagnosis
  • Provides data you can share with your veterinarian
Petivity Insights Report

Insight Reports

  • Daily app data is supplemented with Insight Report emails
  • The most important data on behavior and weight, all in one place
  • Includes helpful explanations, plus tips for managing your cat’s health
multiple cats

Works with Multiple Cats

  • Uses AI to create a unique profile for each cat
  • No collar or chip required
  • App can sync with multiple monitors for multi-litterbox households
Dr. Ragen T. S. McGowan, PhD, pet behaviorist

Powered by Purina

  • Backed by expertise you can trust
  • Created with veterinarians, behaviorists & nutritionists
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

“Proactively managing your cat’s health can help lead to a longer, happier life.”


Dr. Ragen T.S. McGowan, PhD, Pet Behaviorist

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Get Started with Petivity

Discover the monitor and connected app that transform data about your cat’s litterbox behavior into insights about their health.

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  • Track weight, waste type, time of day and frequency
  • Push notifications alert you when changes require attention
  • Provides data you can share with your veterinarian