Meet Purina’s Pet Experts

Purina has a robust team of pet experts ranging from veterinarians and nutritionists to behaviorists and other specialists. Our pet experts strive to help pets live their best lives through quality nutrition and innovation.

Meet Dr. Jason Gagné, DVM, DACVIM1-2 minutes
Meet Dr. Sandra Lyn, PhD1-2 minutes
Meet Karina Carbo-Johnson, M.S.1-2 minutes
Meet Dr. Callie Harris, DVM1-2 minutes
Meet Dr. Emily Cross, DVM, DABVP1-2 minutes
Meet Dr. Kurt Venator, DVM, PhD1-2 minutes
Meet Dr. Ragen T.S. McGowan, PhD1-2 minutes
Meet Dr. Karie Johnson, DVM
Meet Dr. Martha G. Cline, DVM, DACVIM1-2 minutes
Meet Dr. Michael T. Robbins, DVM, DACVIM1-2 minutes