Purina® Pro Plan® and MapMyFitness
Purina® Pro Plan® and MapMyFitness

Live Together, Train Together

Did you know the average family dog is a better athlete than the most athletic humans on the planet? In fact, a dog's ability to use oxygen beats that of many of the fastest animals in the animal kingdom. That makes dogs particularly apt for the running lifestyle. We believe every dog is capable of achieving great things – that’s why we form partnerships like our brand new partnership with MapMyFitness.

Just as active humans are serious about their nutrition, dogs also have special dietary needs when it comes to reaching peak performance. Purina® Pro Plan® makes nutrition for active dogs that require a highly nutritious food to provide them with the energy they need. The Purina Pro Plan® P5 app, which ties in elements of Purina's extensive nutrition knowledge, made a partnership with MapMyFitness a natural fit.

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Training that Leaves Tracks 

Our app syncs to your MapMyFitness account, seamlessly logging the routes, miles, and activities that you do with your dog. It also offers helpful training activities and activity tracking technology.

Train to Win

To give dog owners an immediate challenge, MapMyFitness and Purina Pro Plan® are hosting a 30-day running challenge. If dog owners walk or run with their dog for 30 consecutive days, they are eligible to win a year's supply of Purina Pro Plan dog food. The Pro Plan P5 app is free and available for Android and in the iTunes app store.

Excellence doesn’t come from training alone, however. When your dog trains with you, he needs a diet with nutrition that performs. Explore the Purina Pro Plan diet options that fit your dog’s activity level and get ready to let your inner athletes meet.

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