Wet Dog Food

dog with 2 bowls of dog food

If your dog could talk, he’d say ALPO
canned dog food is all about the mouthwatering
real meat flavor and abundance of EXTRA
gravy. But we know what matters to dog lovers
like you: 100% complete and balanced nutrition
for adult dogs.

Alpo prime cuts can with food in bowl

There’s Even More to Love


The biggest difference your dog will notice about ALPO wet recipes is the delicious EXTRA gravy!

Plus, they contain NO artificial preservatives. And our packaging showcases all the mouthwatering recipes in our Prime Cuts and Chop House menus.

Every ALPO wet recipe is made with real meat, delivers 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs, and comes with a Great Taste Guarantee.

Purina ALPO® Wet Dog Food